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Sounds of Peace

Kitty Cleveland is truly a WITNESS TO FAITH!

For those who don’t know her, Kitty Cleveland is a renowned international singer/songwriter, inspirational speaker, artist, and parishioner of St. Peter Parish. In addition to numerous recordings, Kitty has a beautiful new ministry called Sounds of Peace. In her miracle story on, she explains how she was told in Ecuador in 2018 that she had "a mission to save the world with her voice." Exactly one year later she heard a sweet voice say to her soul, “Give your music away to the poor, the sick, and the dying. No one should suffer or die without consolation.” And with that, Sounds of Peace was born.

Kitty immediately ordered 1,000 digital music players and had them downloaded with nine of her most popular CDs (over 8 ½ hours of music). Weeks later, Covid-19 hit the world stage. While many were suffering and dying without the consolation of their loved ones, Kitty was able to bring comfort by sending her Sounds of Peace packages to the Covid and ICU units, as well as to Hospice centers and nursing homes around the country (but especially in our area).

As one gentleman shared, “It was crushing to not be with my beloved wife in her last days of suffering, but I took great consolation in knowing that she was listening to your voice and to the consoling message of God’s great love for her when she died.”

Kitty desires that all parishioners know that these Sounds of Peace music players, a $125 value, are available for FREE in the St. Peter Parish Rectory for the poor, sick, and dying of our parish family! Each package includes the digital music player, earbuds, charging cables, instructions, and a bookmark with the track listing and the name of the sponsor. They are presented in a beautiful blue velvet bag, with a logo designed by her own daughter. While Kitty is donating $100 of her music for each one, she is still looking for more sponsors to help cover her costs of $25 per package so that she can continue to distribute them to the needy.

This ministry is the epitome of showing others the face of God.

You can read more about Kitty Cleveland, her story, her music, and her ministry on

Photos and story used with permission.

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