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  • MaryClaire Rodrigue

Miracle Worker

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

In the second part of her series (Read Part 1: Way Make HERE), MaryClaire shares with us her reflection on God as "Miracle Worker." Using the miracles of the Calming of the Storm and the Multiplying of the Loaves, we see how God over and over demonstrates we need NOT be afraid. Thank you MaryClaire for your beautiful insight...


In Leeland’s praise and worship song “Way Maker”, his second description of our Father is God as “Miracle Worker.” The New Testament is filled with the countless miracles God performed through Jesus during His ministry here on Earth. From the Wedding at Cana to His ultimate Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven, Jesus shows how the smallest amount of faith in Him and His Father can lead to life changing miracles.

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Used with permission.

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