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  • Fr. Daniel Okafor

Fr. Daniel's Corner / September 13, 2020

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Mass Moment: Entrance Procession

Celebration of the Eucharist begins officially with the entrance procession, accompanied by song, as the ministers enter through the midst of the gathered assembly. In an informal sense, however, the celebration begins much earlier, as people stream together from various directions and from their many walks of life. The entrance procession is only the final ritual moment of that informal process of gathering that has been underway and has brought the people together before the procession begins. The ministers are only a representative few, processing in the stead of all the gathered people who entered as the vanguard of that solemn procession.

What do we do in the entrance procession? A censer (also called Thurible) followed by a processional cross flanked by two candles lead the solemn entrance. Next comes the book of the Gospel held aloft by the deacon, followed by the ministers. Why are censer, cross, candles, and book of the Gospel carried into the assembly in solemn procession? What do they tell us about ourselves and the celebration that is to follow?

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