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  • Fr. Daniel Okafor

Fr. Daniel's Corner / September 6, 2020

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Mass Moment: Introduction

Catholics are on call. That is who we are. Being called together is at the heart of being Church. Its very name in Greek and Latin, ecclesia, means “those called forth, duly summoned for an assembly.” It is God who summons the Church together, and our preeminent gathering is for celebration of the Eucharist. There we hear, week after week, to what God calls us; it is to live out that mystery that we are called. To this end, this column – Fr. Daniel’s Corner- offers us an excellent opportunity to reflect on that calling. What is the deeper meaning of what we do at Mass, and what does that have to do with daily Christian life in the world? To what, then, does Eucharist call us?

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