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"Don't hold anything back..."

In a live stream from the library of the apostolic palace, Pope Francis spoke on the Feast of St. Stephen the Martyr on December 26, 2020: "We are called to bear witness to Jesus right where we live, in our families, at work, everywhere, even just by giving the light of a smile, a light that is not our own - it comes from Jesus."

It is this message that inspired St. Peter Parish to begin the new feature section of the blog titled WITNESS TO FAITH.

In this blog post, we'd love to share with you a video, made by Elevation Films, highlighting the beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage. Michael Boutte and Danielle Doolan were married at St. Peter Catholic Church in March and their love for each other is a blessed witness to faith. The celebrant Fr. Patrick Carr sums it up with these words from his homily: "Don't hold anything back from each other. Love each other to the very end."

Used with permission from Michael and Danielle Boutte and Elevation Films


Do you have a story to share, a Witness to Faith? Please share it with us - We'd love to hear from you! Email for more details!

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